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Less than 3 km from the Cathedral,
only 7 minutes from the highway.

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A treasure enclosed in the heart of Milan

Milan is the second Italian city and the capital of the province and the region of Lombardy. It is one of the most important commercial and industrial Visiting Milan is an extraordinary experience. Centuries and centuries of history, of artistic experimentation, destruction and reconstruction of cultural and scientific fervor, gave the city the face that characterizes it today.
To get to know the artistic and cultural Milan you can take part in guided tours and, for those who want to organize a thematic tour or prefer to have a guide to their exclusive disposal, MiHotel, on prior request, it is able to propose a route tourism in this extraordinary city or on Lombard lakes, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. And why not a shopping tour in the best outlet..

A stop at the MiHotel is designed to discover the ancient origins of the cathedral of Milan, just 2 km! A path in the roman and medieval still few know, with the continuous restoration that has always engage the “Veneranda Fabbrica” in a never-ending maintenance.
But MiHotel it born for being the Milanese House, thanks to the convenient location, services and heat, for the thousands of people who, every day, come in Metropolitan City for business or wishing to easily reach the Luigi Bocconi University, so as the European Institute of Design and other points of interest of the area which is full, like the Mediolanum Forum for musical and sport events.
MiHotel is a short distance by the European Oncology, which are reserved for great value rates*.

* For more information contact the reception of the hotel.